The Department of Urban Planning trains bachelors and masters in the specialty 191 "Architecture and Urban Planning" for full-time education in the educational program "Urban Planning".

After graduation from this educational and professional program, graduates receive the following qualifications:

"Bachelor" in specialty 191 "Architecture and Urban Planning"

"Master" in specialty 191 "Architecture and Urban Planning"

Architecture is one of the most popular and important professions in human history. It is the architects who create the environment for human life and society. An architect is a specialist who is the author of various projects: from playgrounds, interiors of buildings, cottages to large complexes (residential, shopping, entertainment, railway stations), as well as gardens, parks, residential areas and even cities. Therefore, today there are many areas of training and work of architects: the architect in the field of urban planning, architecture of buildings and structures, landscape architecture, architectural environment design, interior design.

The architect in the field of urban planning is the main specialist who coordinates the actions of all specialists in the design of cities and their individual elements (housing, public complexes, green areas). Urban development projects solve the problems of planning, transport, engineering and protection of territories. This requires knowledge not only of architectural design, history of architecture and urban planning, composition, but also knowledge of ecology, sociology, modern computer technology, GIS technology, foreign languages. All this is taught at our university.

The profession of the Architect has a wide field of employment - first of all it is the state design organizations, the state bodies on the statement of projects, various design and construction firms, design bureaus. In addition, the knowledge of the architect gives the opportunity to be good specialists in such fields as: photo industry, programming (artists), hand-made and other creative specialties. Thanks to Internet technologies, an architect can successfully work in a foreign market without even leaving his home.

Choosing an architectural profession and mastering it is a great chance to live a bright, prosperous, interesting and meaningful life !!!

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